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Corn Flakes (Breakfast Creals) Production Machinery

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Breakfast Cereal Food is processed by this kind of food processing machines using grist as main material, through extruding, pelleting, pressing ,drying, baking, coating and cooling to be the fast nutrition and crispy flakes .With the crispy of the products can be mixed with milk or coffee, also can take as the snacks for children.


This flakes plant is characterized by proper design, stable performance, and high automation. Main engine adopts advanced frequency & speed controlling technology, so it can save energy and be efficient. Accurate parameter and fine workmanship flow ensure stable quality of the products, which are integration of traditional arts and modern technology.
This processing line requires the different equipments collocation according to the different outputs.We will according to your requirments and give you a suitable recommendation.

Model: AFC-ZG
Installed Power: 380V/415V
Output: 120-150 KG/H  200-300 KG/H


  1. Mixer
  2. Twin screw Extruder
  3. Air Coneyor
  4. Pressing Machine
  5. Air Coneyor
  6. Low-temperature Dryer
  7. Hoister
  8. Vibrant Feeder
  9. High-temperature Baking Machine
  10. Coating Machine
  11. Low-temperature Dryer
  12. Cooling Conveyor