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Kids/Baby Nutrient Powder Food Processing Machinery

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This nutrition powder process line also called instant cereals powder processing line which we use uses rice, corn, beans and all kinds of grist as raw material. Through extruding and inflating, drying, crushing and mixing, produce all kinds of nutrition powder, such as infant rice flour, sesame paste, beans powder and so on. Various recipes are supplied, which can add vitamin, mineral and other nutritional substances to meet different nutritional requirements. These machines finish all the process automatically from the feeding to the end and easy operation, without leak of powder dust, sanitation, saving energy and easy to add all kinds of raw materials and nutriment.

Series of double-screw extruder consist of feeding, extruding, cutting, heating, lubricating and controlling system.

Frequency-conversion controlling to gain powerful drive, stable perform, and electricity saving.

Different designing structures and slenderness rations according to needs of products, meet different technology demands.

Model: AFC-YM
Installed Power: 380V/415V
Output: 120-150 KG/H  200-300KG/H

  1. Mixer

2.Twin-screw Extruder

3.Air Conveyor

4.Multi-layer Dryer

5.Automatic Grinding System